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WinPack provides you with a full-featured Windows interface to use with your TNC.

The main screen is split into two (or more) sections. In its default layout there is a large receive window and a single line transmit window at the bottom, which can be replaced by a multi-line edit window.

WinPack has full support for handling personal mail and reading bulletins, including automatic connection to your local BBS. It can use the FBB unproto message beacons, compressed download and compressed forwarding. It also supports auto 7+ encode and decode.

Besides supporting TNCs in terminal mode and WA8DED/TF host mode, WinPack will run "on top of" the G8BPQ node software, AGWPE and Flexnet (with TFEMU).

If you are unable to connect to a packet BBS via radio, WinPack can be used with a telephone modem to connect to the land-line port of an FBB BBS (see phone modem support for more information), and it can be used to connect to a packet BBS via telnet on the internet (see TELNET.TXT in the DOCS directory).

WinPack supports script files which can be used to automate such tasks as connecting to your local BBS or logging in to the DX Cluster.

WinPack supports a wide variety of servers and external programs, including viewers for special message formats, e.g. HTML.

This is a screenshot of WinPack (connected to a DX Cluster)
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