mini USB uTNT V3.0 STD Packet Modem

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This is the first TNC that takes advantage of the new technologies. Small enough to carry it in your shirt pocket and powerful to fit your needs.
It will be your companion for years, thanks to the “Live Update” feature. You can flash the new firmware over internet, instantly.
Use it for everyday packet, for APRS, as a Tracker with a GPS or as APRS DIGI.
Extremely flexible can be used with existing programs, real plug & play.
Multiple power options (USB, External or Internal battery pack).
You can have unlimited number of TNCs connected to your computer for multiport stations.

The USB TNT V3.0 LGT Light has no LIPO battery and is without internal charger.
It is very compact and proffesional design based on AFSK modem chip.
Equipped with PPTC ground loops protection.
However it is working with the same firmware and software like all other versions of uTNT V3.0.
This is a perfect and economical version if you not need to use internal baterry (home usage).

Picture of USB TNT V3.0 GBT with Internal GPS and Bluetooth.

This modem is used for 1200Bd operation, as used on the VHF/UHF bands worldwide. The baudrate can be boosted to 2400Bd by crystal replacement.

NOTA : I use 2 units since November 2008 for AX25 Packet Radio operation (1200 baud) for VHF&UHF Digipeater (F5RRS-4 on APRS Network).

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