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CW/RTTY Receiver/Decoder with built-in LCD display


CWR-880 is capable to decode any of the data currently used in radio communication and display them on the CRT screen and built-in LCD display while printing them out at the same time.

Either regular color or monochromatic television set, character display CRT or graphic display CRT can be used as the display monitor. (Display is given in monochrome in every case.

Built-in printer output interface allows connection of a printer to get a hard copy.

Built-in CW random signal generator provides for practice in telegraph reception.

By directly connecting a key to the CWR-880, you can practice telegraph transmission.

In RTTY, the CWR-880 can be used as a test code generator because the test code generating function is provided in every mode.

With the built-in audio monitor circuit, the receiver or generated signals can be monitored at a desired volume level.


Receivable codes :

CW : Morse code of alphabet and numeral characters and symbols.
RTTY : 5-unit Baudot code, alphabetic teletype.
TOR : 7-bit international FEC and ARQ error correction systems in conformity with CCIR recommendation 476.
ASCII : 7-unit ASCII code.

Signal reception speed :

CW : 20 characters/min. - 200 characters/min. (4-40 wpm), automatically adjusted.
BAUDOT : 45.5, 50, 57, 74.2 baud
TOR : 100 baud
ASCII : 75, 110, 300 baud

Input :

AF input : 70mA or over with input impedance of 2.2 kilo ohms.
Key (TTL) input : Key, contact input or TTL level input

Audio frequency :

CW : Center frequency 800 Hz (750 Hz - 850 Hz, continously changeable).
RTTY : 1275 Hz - 2125 Hz, continously changeable.

Number of characters displayed :

CRT : 40 characters x 24 lines (2-pages buffer) with the operation status indication in the bottom line.
LCD : 16 characters x 2 lines (60-page buffer).

Power requirement :

DC 12V - 14V, 720 mA.

Weight :

Approx. 1.5 kg


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