13.8VDC 60-62AMP

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The model S-1260GWM is a 13.8 V / 60 AMP DC regulated power supply.


Input : 230V AC 50Hz
Output : 13.8V DC
Current : 60A constant 62A surge
The input power is protected by a fuse.
The unit has short circuit and current limit protections with automatic reset function.
The unit has self-repair function for some faults. When power MOSFET is damaged, the output voltage will increase (this fault cause damage of unit almost over 80%). When the output voltage is more than 16VDC, use the thick wires to short output terminals directly and make the output meter indication be zero, then remove the wires, restart the unit, it will restore normal 13.8VDC voltage supply on the output terminals.

NOTA : I use 2 unit for the full shack power since early 2004.


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