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The N1MM Logger is a freeware program designed to do contest logging and some general logging. It is not a general logging program with award tracking etc. but is mainly a contest logging program.

Most Important N1MM Features are :

All major HF Contests are supported including General DX logging, DXpedition, DXSatellit and VHFdx.
Uses sound card for DVK but also DVK interface for W9XT & other DVK's.
Contact recording to wav files. Right-click on log entry to play back.
Automatic CW generation.
RTTY support for MMTTY, HAL DXP38 and other external TNC's (like PK-232).
PSK31 and PSK63 support.
The program retains the size and position of windows as specified by the user.
The main windows (Entry Window, Log, Bandmaps, Packet, Check, Multipliers, Score Summary, Info, Available Mults and Q's and the Digital Interfaces) are non-modal. That is, you can interact with any of them without having to close the last window used.
Available Window keeps track of needed spots & mults on each band for easy band-change decisions. Color-coded buttons indicate on which bands the current contact is needed.
Click on packet spot in packet window to tune to that frequency/mode.
Spotted stations appear on callsign textbox frame when you tune near a spot. A touch of the space bar will enter that call into the callsign field.
Mode-aware fine tuning from the keyboard.
Automatic beam heading and sunrise/sunset calculations.
Check partial function.
Packet & Telnet support - spots from both automatically update the band maps.
Packet spot filtering.
CW sending from the keyboard.
Dual graphical bandmaps click to tune radio to the spot selected. The bandmap can be zoomed in or out depending on number of spots shown.
Two radio support. Two VFO support when using one radio. One VFO/Bandmap.
Multiplier window.
LPT port functionality to control antenna switches, radio selected, and PTT (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP).
Cabrillo export support.
ADIF import/export support.
All data is stored in an Access 2000 database to facilitate reporting and future integration with other software.
Two monitor support (Requires Win 98 or better).
S&P QSO stack.
Call stacking.
Spot all S&P calls locally (QSYing wipes the call & spots QSO in bandmap).
HF including WARC and 60 meter support, VHF and up support.
Transverter support (SHF bands supported up to 10, 24, 47, 76, 142 and 241 GHz).
Winkey support (Serial CW keyer by K1EL).
Antenna mapping.
SO2R/SO2V support.
User-settable band edges for CW, SSB and digital.
Statistical reports.
Generation of CW via USB to serial converter.
Serial number server for multi-user stations.
Rotator control (LP-Rotor and ARSWIN).
Multi-User: automatic resync on reconnect.
Many more..

This is some screenshots of N1MM


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