45 Amp Switching Power Supply

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No RF hash!
These babies are clean... your buddies won't hear any RF hash on your signal! None in your receiver either! Some competing switching power supplies generate objectionable RF hash in your transmitted and received signal. These super clean MFJ MightyLites Switching Power Supplies meet all FCC Class B regulations.

Low Ripple...Highly Regulated
Less than 35 mV peak-to-peak ripple under 25 or 45 amp full load. Load regulation is better than 1.5% under full load.

Fully Protected You won't burn up our power supplies! They are fully protected with Over Voltage and Over Current protection circuits.

Worldwide Versatility
MFJ MightyLites can be used anywhere in the world! They have switchable AC input voltage and work from 85 to 135 VAC or 170 to 260 VAC. Replaceable fuse.

MightyLites...Mighty Features
MFJ MightyLites feature a front panel voltage control. It lets you vary the output voltage from 9 to 15 volts DC and gives you a highly regulated voltage output -- this includes 12 Volt DC and 13.8 Volt DC!. You get an easy access front-panel with five way binding posts for heavy duty use and a cigarette lighter socket for mobile accessories. The MFJ-4245MV Switching Power Supply has two sets of quick connects on the rear for accessories. Large 3 inch dual meters are brightly illuminated to make it easy to monitor load voltage and current. A whisper quiet internal fan efficiently cools your power supply for long life.

Specifications and Features

45 Amps Surge, 40 Amps Continuous at 13.8 Vdc

Front Panel Adjustable Voltage (9-16 Vdc).

Lightweight, only 5.5 lbs.

Compact, only 7½" W x 4 ¾" H x 9" D .

Easy Access Output: Five-Way binding post for HF/VHF radio / Cigarette Lighter Socket for mobile accessories / 2 Pair of Quick Connectors on back.

Over Voltage Protection .

Over Current Protection.

Automatic Shutdown on Fault Load.

Lighted Dual Meters: Volt-meter and Amp-meter monitor load continuously.

Input Voltage: Switching AC Input Voltage (110 VAC at 47-62 Hz / 220 VAC at 47-63 Hz)

Regulation: Works with AC input from 85-135 Vac or from 170-260 Vac .

AC Line Fused (10 Amps).

NOTA : I use this power supply since 2005 with TS-480HX for portable or dx'pedition operations.


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