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What is JVComm32?

JVComm32 is a multipurpose programme for the reception of HF-FAX weather charts, weather images from low earth orbiting satellites (e.g. NOAA), geostationary weather satellites such as METEOSAT, and RTTY, SYNOP and NAVTEX messages.

Furthermore, JVComm32 can be used for the reception and transmission of amateur-radio SSTV (Slow Scan TeleVision)

In SSTV mode, JVComm32 receives and transmits all the modern popular free run modes including the new high resolution "Pasokon" modes P3, P5 and P7.

A new type of mode detection by evaluating the scan line frequencies of SSTV transmissions has been implemented in JVComm32. This enables for the automatic reception of pictures without having to decode the VIS code.

JVComm32 runs with a simple 16 bit sound, and some other external interfaces.

What do you need to run JVComm32?

A receiver or transceiver:

  • a good quality shortwave SSB receiver for the reception of HF-FAX weather charts
  • a 137 MHz receiving equipment for the reception of low earth orbiters
  • a 1.7 GHz receiving equipment for the reception of e.g. METEOSAT SDUS pictures
  • an appropriate HAM band transceiver for the reception and transmission of SSTV reception and
A computer:
  • running Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0.
  • at lease 16 MB of RAM, better 32
  • 586 (pentium) or similar processor at 100 MHz as a minimum
  • high- or true colour graphics with at least 800x600 resolution
  • a standard 16 bit sound card or better, or a serial port to connect to an external interface
An interface:

Here, interface means a kind of modulator/demodulator that connects your computer to your receiver/transmitter. It transforms the audio data from the receiver into digital data that the computer can read. On the other hand, the interface transforms the digital data that the computer delivers into an audio signal that can be fed to your transmitter.

Currently, JVComm32 runs with standard 16 bit sound cards, the brand new EasyDSP interface by Ulrich Bangert, DF6JB (transmit and receive), the PTC-II DSP multimode PACTOR-Controller by SCS (receive/transmit, transmit not guaranteed), and the brand new HariFax IV interface.

There are some other hardware manufacturers,who are currently working on the development of interfaces that are compatible to JVComm32.

If you want to construct you own interface, you can get technical information on how JVComm32 manages the data transfer from and to the interface.



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