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Switchable dual bander

The IC-207H provides dual band capabilities (one band at a time) via a band switching system. To ensure simple operation, the band can be selected with a large, independent "BAND" switch, while the ample-sized display shows only the selected operating frequency for easy recognition.

Detachable and compact front panel

The front panel can be easily separated from the main unit using the optional OPC-600 or OPC-601 separation cables. Its compact dimensions of 110(W) x 40(H) x 28.3(D)mm, allow installation almost anywhere in a wide variety of vehicle types.

"Soft keys"

Switch labels are displayed on the LCD for easy visibility even during night operation.

Tone squelch standard

A separate CTCSS tone encoder and CTCSS tone encoder/decoder are standard and provide 50 independently programmable tone frequencies for repeater and tone squelch use, respectively. Additionally, tone scan and pocket beep functions are available.

9600 pbs packet operation

A mini DIN 6 connector is located on the rear panel for direct connection to a packet modem. Packet speeds up to 9600 bps are supported.

And more ...

This transceiver was used for AX25 (1200 Baud) UHF Packet Radio Operation since 2002 and for APRS Mobile operation since May 2006.


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