Multi-band Vertical Antenna

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The DXSR (DX SYSTEM RADIO) antenna, model DXSR VB 500 is a multi-band vertical antenna.
Gain equal or superior to a full size dipole from 7 MHz to 50 MHz.

Particular design with 40m of flat band of cupper in helicoidal.

3 possibilities to feed the antenna :
- coax with a balun and a 10m long counterpoise (delivered with the antenna) and Antenna Tuner (built-in or external).
- end fed with a twin lead (450 ohms) and roller balanced Antenna Tuner .
- Automatic Antenna Tuner on foot of the mast.


Electrical :
Frequency : 3.5 Mhz to 50 Mhz
Length : 40m

Mechanical :
Type : Fibre-glass
Length : 5.00 m
Max. power rating : 400W PEP
Radial length : no radials or no ground are necessary
Weight : 5 kg
Rated Wind velocity : 150 km/h

NOTA : This antenna was used for HF operation since April 2005 to November 2005 at the top of the tower (15m) but in front of such results so catastrophic I decided to stop using it any more. This antenna works like a dummy load from top band (160m) to 40m. On the shorter bands it is quite ok. This antenna dissipates power in the matching circuit, it cannot be used at rated power (200W) as indicated on the instruction manual. 100W key down should be a maximum. If you set higher power, the SWR goes up and never ending. But some minutes standby and the SWR is back ok. I destroyed the first balun (burned) with 100W on PSK31 QSO. They sent me a new one but same story.... still hot quickly. They promised that the third should be ok but I have never seen any difference. A very good dummy load !!!

VB-500 or dummy load, this antenna has the same performances !!!

DX System Radio - Antennas manufacturer


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