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HamScope is a multi-mode communications package for amateur radio that supports:

HamScope adds powerful forward error correction (FEC) methods to BPSK, RTTY, ASCII, and HFSK16:
  • an interleaved, 3-way (3, 1) redundant protocol
  • interleaved (24, 12) Golay encoding
  • interleaved (216, 64) Turbo encoding
  • interleaved Reed-Solomon encoding
These encoding methods provide more robust communications under weak-signal conditions, but reduce the data transfer rate somewhat when compared with the base modes. Modifications to the base modes to support FEC and references that describe the algorithms are in the HamScope Technical Specifications

Hamscope also offers an advanced user interface with a multitude of features to provide optimal control and convenience during operation:

  • a wide, multifunction panoramic display
  • a radio control interface for ICOM IC-746 and compatible transceivers
  • a dynamic link to the  YPLOG  logging software
  • 33 user programmable macro buttons
  • user definable function key mappings
HamScope is designed to run under Windows 95, 98, and NT, and requires a 133 MHz Pentium-class or better machine.



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