ARS Antenna Rotator System

by EA4TX

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The ARSWIN Program: The software component that controls the RCI. It can also interface with other programs.

This is the software that controls the RCI Board.
The program shows different windows and lets you control your rotator. Some utilities let you calculate any DXCC heading, distance between Grids, etc.
ARSWIN is also a DDE Server, so any other program can interface with it to control the antenna heading; for instance, ClusterMaster by I0JX. Or it can act as a DDE client so ARSWIN can read the direction from other programs such as satellite tracking programs.
Examples include WinOrbit by K8CG, WISP by ZL2TPO/G7UPN, NOVA for Windows, ...

ARSWIN can also receive messages from other programs using “Windows Messaging”
Actually a lot of programs are supported.

Log Programs:
· DX4Win, Logger, HamLog, Swisslog, Wlog2000, WinLog32

Satellite Programs:
· Wisp32, Nova, WinOrbit, Satel939, WxTrack

EME Programs:
· MoonSked, Tracker, Z-Track, F1EHN EME System

· DXView, TRX-Manager, ClusterMaster, UI-View

Depending the type of RCI Board (Azimuth or Azimuth & Elevation) you have chosen in the setup, the main window will be as follows:

ARSWIN Main Window, Azimuth Board

ARSWIN Main Window, Azimuth & Elevation Board



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