ARS Antenna Rotator System

by EA4TX

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The RCI Board: Hardware interface between your PC and your rotator that turns the antenna and reads its position.

This is a picture of the ARS - RCI Board

ARSWIN allows you to handle your V/UHF or HF antenna(s) in a very easy and comfortable way.
ARSWIN with the RCI Board allows you to control your rotator from your computer. So you must connect the RCI Board to a parallel port on your PC, and between the Control Unit of your rotator and the Rotator itself.
In addition an optional board, RCI-EL, is available for elevation tracking.

Two different ADC can be supplied:
· 8 bits ADC (by default)
· 10 bits ADC (extra cost)

They are pin to pin compatible, so the upgrade can be done at any time.
ARSWIN now includes new utilities. A Country Data Base lets you choose any DX Prefix or country, and the program will show detailed information about it. Another utility does Grid calculations.

Some additional features are:

· Watch Dog, to avoid overloading the rotator during movements that take a long time.
· TCP/IP Interface allows ARSWIN to be remotely controlled.
· A pleasant preset that can be activated by means of the mouse.
· Rotator Speed Control (for those Control Units that support it)
· And many more stimulating options.



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