AGW Packet Engine


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AGW Packet Engine

This program does all the traffic between your favorite packet software and your TNCs.
It runs as an Icon.
AGW Packet Engine has the capability to handle 100 tncs and 100 applications at the same time.
It works with external tncs in KISS mode, Baycom Like serial modems for 1200-9600, DRSI cards (4 sharing the same IRQ line 8 Radioports),Baycom USCC cards, Sound Cards with the PSA chipset 1200/9600, OE5DXL,YAM, OptoScc, PetScc and more in the future.
It handles also the special dual port tncs of kantronics (KAM,KPC96 etc.) and AEA (PK900 etc).

This program has the capabilities to handle different applications it does that only if each application has a different ssid on the callsign.
That way with just a tnc you work like you have two or three or four different tnc and TRCVRs.
In case you have more than a tnc then each program can work all the tncs at the same time.
You can eg. Chat with a friend with the agwterminal.exe in tnc1 (eg.vhf 1200bauds) and also receive a YAPP form tnc2 (eg. UHF 9600bauds) and also receive your mail from tnc1 and cluster dxspots also from tnc1.
The combinations are unlimited.

Packet Modems & Cards

AGW Packet Engine supports not only external tncs but also other kind of modem tncs.

They are the follow :
Baycom (and compatibles) 1200/2400 serial modems.
OE5DXL 9600 G3RUH compatible modem.
DRSI cards.
Baycom USCC cards.
Sound Cards (Any Kind).
OptoScc card (4 Ports).
PetScc Card (2 Ports).
Baycom Picpar 9600 & BP-96.
G4XYW smart 9600b modem.

All of them are virtual device drivers (*.vxd) and run ONLY under WIN95/98.
All of the above drivers are dynamics. This means that they are loaded only while AGW Packet Engine is runing and only if we need them. When AGW Packet Engine exits, the driver is also unloaded.
The configuration of the AGW Packet Engine for those drivers is done very easy.
Just select the TNC type and you are ready.
Don't forget to select also the appropriate serial port and baudrate.

This is the coming picture when your start the software

This is the result of a dual port configuration on a same Soundcard

This is the menu for properties and setting of each port

This is the TNC Setup (for Soundcard in this example)

AGW Packet Engine


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